Blame It On The Beaujolais

Author: LauraJo
Rating: G
Archive: Please ask first!
Pairing: Daniel/Janet
Summary: "There may be something there that wasn't there before."
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM/Gekko/Double Secret, and no harm is intended by this little piece of fiction.
Spoilers: None.
Status: Complete
Author's notes:  Inspired by the Shanks and Judge tour, and a recent change of heart on my side.  I'm still not a Dan/Jan shipper though!!  I just... like Daniel, and Michael Shanks, a little more than I did... *g*  The summary comes from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast".  Thanks to fairygnomes for the read through and the title. :-)  Set in season seven, after "Evolution, Part 2" and before "Grace".  {January 2004}


Janet laid back on her sofa, enjoying the feeling of the wine just starting to touch her senses.  She and Sam didn't do this nearly often enough, though she supposed that made these evenings all the more special.

"This is nice," Sam's voice mirrored her friend's thoughts.  She was sprawled out in front of the fire, one elbow resting on a large cushion and supporting her head.  She held a large wine glass in her other hand.


"It's not that I don't enjoy spending evenings with the guys," Sam explained, a habit she didn't seem to lose no matter how much alcohol was in her system.  "It's just that it's nice when it's just us.  Sometimes it's good to be a girl for a while."

"So what are our boys doing this evening?"

"Our boys?"

Janet shrugged. "Figure of speech."

"You know, I'm not entirely sure.  There's a hockey game on, the colonel and Teal'c are probably watching that.  I guess it's possible Daniel's with them.  Though I got the impression he wasn't enthralled with the idea."

Janet smiled.  "I'd imagine not."  She stopped to take a sip of her drink, and for a moment a comfortable silence fell between the two.  "Have you noticed something...different about him lately?"



"Different about Daniel?"

Janet looked carefully at her friend, and suddenly she got the feeling that she really, really shouldn't have started this conversation.  "You know what?  Never mind."

Unfortunately for Janet it was a little too late, as Sam had sat bolt upright, too intrigued to let it go.  "No, come on. I want to know now."

"You'll just mock me."

"I won't. I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep."


"Really, it's nothing."

"You brought it up, so it's obviously something."

"You're making it something."

"Please? Come on, you know you can tell me any-" A huge grin broke over Sam's face. "Oh, that's funny."

"What? You don't know anything!"

"Oh, I think I do."


"Something about Daniel?"

"Okay, okay!  So I might have been thinking that, recently, he seemed a little..."  Janet trailed off, searching for the right word to describe their friend.

"You like him."  Sam's grin was still firmly in place.  "You're attracted to him."

Janet sat up so quickly she only narrowly avoided tipping the entire contents of her glass into her lap.  "Sam!"

"Oh, this is good.  You and Daniel."

"There is no 'me and Daniel'!  All I'm saying is that recently, well, he's different.  There's something... I never really thought of him that way before!  Well, when I say never, I mean I did but-"

"You never told me!"

"There was nothing to tell!"

"But you just said that-"

"And anyway," Janet interrupted, "how did you know that's what I was going to say?  Unless..."  She trailed off, an idea just occurring to her.

"Unless what?"

Janet settled back into the sofa, a lazy grin lighting up her face.  "You've been thinking it too."

Sam barely managed to prevent herself from choking on her wine.  "He's like a brother to me!"

"Doesn't mean you can't look."


"Looking's quite fun."


"God, I can't believe I just said that."

"Neither can I!"

"I'm going to blame it on the wine," Janet announced seriously.  A little too seriously.  Especially since, moments later, she started to giggle.  "I can't believe I told you about this.  It's so embarrassing."

"There's really no reason you shouldn't like him.  I mean, he's a nice guy.  Actually, now I think about it,-"

"Don't you dare say we'd be good together."

"Okay, I won't."  Janet looked relieved.  "But I was going to."


Sam was saved from replying by her cell phone ringing.  "Damn," she muttered, as she put her wine down and fumbled in her bag for the phone.  "This had better not be work."

When she finally found the phone and saw the caller ID, a smile returned to her face.

"Who is it?"  Janet asked.

The smile turned into a grin.  "Hey, Daniel."

Janet closed her eyes, and sighed.



Remember. Cherish. Honour. Love. Respect.