Author: LauraJo
Rating: G
Archive: Please ask first!
Summary: Like us.
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM/Gekko/Double Secret, and no harm is intended by this little piece of fiction.
Spoilers: Based on spoilers for "Heroes".
Status: Complete
Author's notes:  This one is... weird.  And different.  There's no other way to describe it.  But, I hope you like it!  Thanks to the three people who helped me make the decision to post this - you know who you are!  {August 2003}


One eye opened.

Bright. Light. Closed.

A little more slowly, cautiously, two eyes opened.

Blue sky. Sun. Wispy clouds.


Not human.

"Who are-"

"We are like you."

Okay.  "Like me?"

"We are like you."


"You are not."

"Not dead?"  Well, that was news.  Last she knew, she hadn't been sure of much, but she had been sure of one thing.

She'd been hit.  Fatally.

Apparently she shouldn't have been sure of anything.

Suddenly, and as one, the faces moved back.  Then one of them gestured at themselves in a slightly uncoordinated manner, and simply said, "Like us."

She blinked.  Comprehension was still a little beyond her.  Since, until a few seconds ago, she had been... well, dead.

"Like us," it repeated.

Taking a chance, she stood.

The face smiled.  "Like us."

Then they started moving.  She followed.

"Where are we going?"

"It is time to return now."

"What happened?  Why am I here?"

"We are like you."

There had to be more to that statement.  Some meaning, something she hadn't quite-


"I was dead."

"We are like you."

"You're doctors.  No, not doctors.  Healers."

"We are like you."

"Like me."

And they kept walking.



Remember. Cherish. Honour. Love. Respect.