I Hope You Dance - Character

The Man In Me - Scarlet

Sam character video, with a dose of Sam/Jack for good measure.  I've always loved this song, and since watching SG-1 it didn't take me long to recognise how many of the lyrics are perfect for Sam.  I hope you agree!  {Enhanced quality version uploaded OCT 03.  JUN 02 version available on request.}

Impressive Instant - Madonna

Jennifer Hailey character video.  {JUL 02}

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin

A video in honour of our favourite ladies of the SGC.  {OCT 02}

Bring On The Day - Charlotte Martin

Sam video, with of course the requisite Sam/Jack references <g>.  {Enhanced quality version uploaded DEC 03 - I even converted the stills at the beginning and end to widescreen to match *g*.  JAN 03 version available on request.}

Born To Try - Delta Goodrem

Sam, Sam/Jack.  {Original Version FEB 03; Higher Quality Version OCT 06}

I Can't Break Down - Sinead Quinn

Sam, Sam/Jack.  Made in collaboration with Clara.  {FEB 03}

Female Of The Species - Space

Janet video, because it just had to be done.  {MAY 03}

Nothing I Can Do - Amy Studt

Jonas video, because I had to say goodbye.  (Contains spoilers for "Fallen" and "Homecoming".)  {JUN 03}

Fireman Sam

Sam video, made exclusively from scenes from "The Changeling" :-D  {AUG 03}

Reach - Gloria Estefan

Janet video.  {SEP 03}


Jonas video.  {OCT 03}

Fame - Irene Cara

Daniel video.  Hmm, how did that happen... *g*  {NOV 03}

Fly (We Won't Forget) - Celine Dion

Janet tribute video.  Contains scenes up to and including "HEROES", parts one and two.  {APR 04}

Your Picture - Gloria Estefan

A Janet tribute video with a difference. This was a collaboration with Matti, with many others contributing scenes and words to result in a tribute and a thank you from all of us, to Teryl. Thanks to the wonderful people at Wolf, Teryl herself was able to see this video. (Links through to JanetFraiser.com.) {NOV 04}

My Last Breath - Evanescence (12MB version) (6MB version)

Jacob tribute video, made for Wolf's SG9 convention. Contains spoilers up to and including season eight's "Threads". {FEB 05}

Fragile - Delta Goodrem

Janet video.  {SEP 05}

She's A Lady - Tom Jones

Janet video, with hints of Daniel/Janet and Jack/Janet.  {OCT 06}

Story of My Life - Bon Jovi

Sam video, first seen at Gabit's AT2 event.  {FEB 07}

Your Every Colour - Train

Sam video, including scenes from both SG-1 and season 4 of Atlantis. (Seen at Gabit's AT3 event.)  {OCT 08}