Absolute Power
by Jen

Sam heard the key turn in the lock and looked up. "Hello?" she called.

"It's me," Jack replied.

"Hey," she called, lifting the dish out of the oven. "I thought you were going to spend the night with Daniel."

"Nah, he's not my type," he grinned. "Looks good."

"Yeah," she said, slapping his hand away. "Mine."



"So… what?" he asked.

"I thought you were going to spend the night with Daniel."

"He said he wanted to be on his own."

"Is that a good idea? I mean… after…?""He's fine. He said he just needs to get over Moscow."

"Moscow?" Sam asked, transferring her dinner onto a plate.

"Yeah, part of the vision Shifu gave him."

"Involving Moscow?"

"Yeah. He blew it up."

Sam froze, a smile creeping onto her lips. "Daniel blew up Moscow? The man who hates us using explosives off-world in case we damage something important?"

Jack took her hand and led her to the couch. He sat next to her and told her most of what Daniel had told him. He left out the parts where Daniel had imagined hurting them, and the part where he'd said, "Jack, I think I sent Teal'c on a suicide mission. I think I wanted him to be killed."

He did tell her about the satellite weapons, and how, "once again", Sam Carter figured it all out and was sent to jail. He described their meeting and then the actions he'd taken.

Or rather the actions he'd taken in Daniel's dream.

Or was it just Daniel who'd taken those actions, and manifested them as Jack O'Neill?

"I don't think it matters," Sam said.

"Gives me a headache just thinking about it."

"Why did you tell me?"

"Because… I thought you should know."

"Daniel could have told me himself. Daniel should have told me himself."

"He wouldn't have. I think he's actually a little embarrassed by it all."


"OK, I needed to tell you. I needed to talk about this with someone and you won." He smiled at and added, "You always win."


"You figured it out and I didn't believe you. I mean, well, OK, maybe I did because I tried to shoot the guy, but…"

"Are we still talking about that dream?" Sam asked.

"I just wanted to say sorry."

"For what?"

"For not believing you."

"In Daniel's dream?"


"Something you had no control over?"


"Something which, by the sounds of it, Daniel had no control over?"

"Not over what happened but… He thinks Shifu took what he knows and thinks and used it to determine what happened."


"So, Daniel thinks I wouldn't believe you."

"So now you're apologising for something Daniel thought in a dream?"

"And in real life. I've obviously given him that impression."

"Did you ever once think that might be a good thing?" Sam asked.


"I know that you love me. I know that, if you could, you'd do anything for me. But you can't. Jack, if Daniel knew then he'd know about us. I know he's your best friend and all that…"

"It's still a good thing," Jack finished.



Sam laughed, seeing the confusion on his face. "You and I know that you'd stand by me, right?"


"Daniel knows that you'd support me, but he doesn't know to what extent."


"If he knew to what extent… What?" she asked, noticing the grin on his face.

"You're cute when you're explaining."


"Look," he said, taking her hands in his. "I know. I get it. I'm still sorry."

"OK," she smiled. "Apology accepted."

"You didn't touch your dinner," he said. "It'd be cold now."

"Yeah. Fancy going out?"


"Are two friends having dinner after a difficult day at work," she interrupted. "Last time I checked that was OK."

"You sure?"

"Trust me."

"You know," he said, getting up, "I had a thought."

"Wow," she quipped.

"Funny. What's to say this isn't a dream? Us, I mean. My dream?"

"What's to say it's not mine?" Sam asked, grabbing her jacket.

"Is this real then?"

"It's real."

"Give me one reason I should believe you," Jack said.

"Because you trust me," she replied.

"More than could ever be good for me," he replied, following her out of the door.


Hidden Truths