Disclaimer: I'm positive this is *not* what Jeri Taylor had in mind when she wrote that episode, but in my mind she owns the characters all the same. Oh, and Paramount might have some say in the matter as well.

Summary: Just what was that insect thinking?

Writing my latest 'Resolutions' story must have really screwed me up. Don't blame me, blame this damned imagination of mine; it did all the work.

The Love Bug

By LauraJo, December 2000
E-mail: laura@laurajo.net

Burrowing through the ground, the tiny insect spotted his pray. Dressed in black, with curious red stripes across them right below the head, the man and the woman were completely oblivious to his presence.

Slowly, slowly, he crawled closer and closer. It was so easy. Climbing up to the first exposed piece of skin he opened his mouth and took a satisfying bite. Tasty. Now, the big jump....





Made it. Where's that skin this time? Ah, here we are. <Chomp> Juicy, very juicy.

And definitely compatible.

Satisfied, the love bug moved on to his next job.


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